Ditch the trip to the dermatologist and try this instead

If you have troubled skin, its recommended that you visit a dermatologist asap. But who has time for that? Instead opt for skin clinic grade products like Derma J’s Peptastin Line. The medical skincare brand offers goods that have quality ingredients similarly offered at your local dermatologist, only better. Low irritability, mild on the skin, and soothing to touch. Derma J’s Peptastin line of products promises to stimulate and generate collagen, reduce wrinkles, and promote skin elasticity- the trifecta of beautiful skin.

Peptastin Essential Toner

Immediately following cleansing, a toner should be applied to add moisture and not strip off any essential oils. The Peptastin Essential Toner stimulates the skin for brighter and more elastic skin by targeting the skin with four essential peptides. It also improves skin texture. The toner is light enough for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic.

Peptastin Intensive Cream

This cream is a powerhouse, created by dermatologists, and is loaded with complex peptides, Peptastin, to help regenerate skin, recover from damaged skin, and create an overall brightness. The Peptastin activates the regeneration of damaged skin cells- in short, your skin recovers quicker from sun damage, signs of aging, and blemishes/irritants.


Don’t forget about sunscreen! Many people forget to add this important step to their daytime routine. Omitting this product can undo any skin recovery, cause dark spots, and speed up the signs of aging. The Peptastin Sunscreen is SPF 50+/PA+++ and can last up to 12 hours. It blocks UVA and UVB rays and is the highest level of sun protection. Don’t skip out on this essential product!

Derma J Peptide Soothing Gel Mask

Finish off your day with Derma J’s Soothing Gel Mask for a cooling, relaxing effect. The mask is made for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling youthful and bright. If you feel like your skin is dull and lacking luminosity, add this eco-friendly mask to your nightly routine.

Dermatologist tested and approved, Derma J’s line of products deliver exactly what your skin needs: moisture, complex peptides, brightness, and a little TLC. Try it for yourself and discover just how much your skin will love it!