How To Get A Clean-cut Look And “Style Another Level”


Want to get that sleek, clean-cut look, or add a little extra texture to your hair without getting your hands full of sticky hair products? Then check out the FOR:BEAUT Spear Hair Wax Set. At FOR:BEAUT they don’t follow trends—they set them.
Their goal when creating products is to give you the tools to "Style [on] Another Level." And with the Spear Hair Wax Set, they’ve done just that by finding a way to help you keep the wax on your hair and off your hands. It does this by having an alternating pattern of spear-like teeth, which you can dip into your wax of choice. Once the spears have the desired amount of product, you can spread it on your hair to achieve the desired look. Then clean up your style by using the sub-spear to tame your sideburns and any flyaways.
The Spear Wax Sets come in three different types, the Movement Wax for a slightly softer hold and medium shine, Pomade Wax for a strong hold and medium shine, and the Freeze Wax for a strong hold and soft shine.